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Sukhyun(Esther), Min




B.F.A&M.F.A.,Craft Department, Art College, Chungang University

In a doctorate Industrial Art College, Chungang Universty


Instructor at Art College, Chungang Univ. / Shinheung Engineering College


Now Gallery Jireh Director



Art production.


2013 Gallery Jireh Art Collection Brand launching


2012 Art Bag Design & Production


2011 Art Mug Design & Production


2010 Art Scarf, Art Shoes Design & Production


2009 Art Jewellery Design & Production




Invitational Solo Exhibition


Gazing At the Nature ( Gallery 21, San Diego. CA) 


Sukhyun(Esther), Min Exhibition (Hellada Art center, Long Beach, CA)


Min, SukHyun Invitational Exhibition (Gallery Mun, China)


Heyri Artist Invitational Exhibition (Gallery the Chai, Korea)


Min, SukHyun Dyeing modeling Exhibition (KBS public broadcasterl, Korea)


Musical “Face Off” Collaboration Exhibition (Theater il , Korea)


Korea culture center Invitational Exhibition (Korea culture center, Korea embassy in Japan)


Min, SukHyun Exhibition (Seoul art Center, Korea)


And 15 more Invitational Solo Exhibitions from 1995 to 2015.




International Group Exhibitions


2016 50 TO WATCH 2016 ( Studio Moon gallery. San deigo. CA)


2016 Long Beach open Art exhibition ( Hellada gallery. Long Beach CA )


2016 Fiber Shots (San Jose Museum. USA)


2011 Wrapping Traditions: Korean Textiles Now (MUSEUM of CRAFT and FOLK ART, USA)


2010 France Patch Work Fair - Hands of Korea (Sainte-Marie, France)


2009 Sasebo Korea-Japan Exchange Exhibition (Huis Ten Bosch Museum, Japan)


2006 Korea-China-Japan International Exhibition (Independence Hall in Cheonan, Korea)


2005 International Paper Work Invitation (Hansung University, Korea)


2005 International Art Festival (Qingdao culture & art center, China)


2005 Seoul International Art Festival (Seoul Museum of Art, Korea)


2005 Korea International Art Association Exhibition (Imperial Palace Hotel, Korea)


2004 Korea -Philippines International Exhibition (Philippines)


2004 Korea Art Brain Exhibition (Manila National Art Hall, Philippines)


2004 Triangle Exhibition (Gallery Kyo, Gallery Naw, ART Factory, Japan)


2004 Korea International Art Association Exhibition in Tokyo (Gallery Kyo, Japan)


2004 International New-Salon Exhibition (Gallery Lamer, Korea)


2004 Korea China Art-Topic Exhibition (Yanji City Museum of Art, China)


2003 Korea-Malaysia International Exhibition (Kuala Hall, Malaysia)


2003 Seoul New-Brain Exhibition (Insa Art Plaza, Korea)


2003 Four countries in Asia International Exhibition (Chungnam National University, Korea)


2003 International New-Harmony Exhibition (Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, Korea)


2003 Korea-China Friend Exhibition (National Museum of Sichuan Province, China)


2002 International Art Association Exhibition (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum in Ueno, Japan)


2002 Turkey - Istanbul International Exhibition (PASIAD, Turkey)


2002 Moscow Korea Contemporary Artists Exhibition (MOSCOW Central Artist House, Russia)


2002 Pusan International Environmental Festival (Yongdusan Art Museum, Korea)


2001 Korea-Japan Contemporary Artists Exhibition (Korea culture center, Korea embassy in Japan)


2000 Korea-China International Art Exhibition (Lotte World Art Museum, Korea)


1999 International Art Association Exhibition (Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art, Japan)


1997 Hiroshima Invitational Exhibition (Japan Education Gallery, Japan)






2006 Taiwan Asia International Art Association 20th Anniversary Art Exhibition. (Excellent Award)


2005 Tokyo international arts exhibition, nominated for an award (Tokyo museum of arts, Japan)


2003 Tokyo international arts exhibition, distinguished (Tokyo museum of arts, Japan)


2002 Korean environmental art exhibition, special prize (Gallery Chosun, Korea)


2002 Art world grand prize exhibition, selected (Danwon museum, Korea)


2002 WAVE ART FAIR, excellent painter’s prize (Seoul art center, Korea)


2002 Tokyo international arts exhibition, distinguished (Tokyo museum of arts, Japan)


2000 Kyung-gi arts exhibition, selected (National museum of contemporary art, Korea)


1999 Kyung-gi arts exhibition, selected


1998 Tokyo international arts exhibition, special prize (Tokyo museum of arts, Japan)


1997 Korean arts cultural prize exhibition, special prize (Seoul Museum of Art, Korea)


1996 Korean arts exhibition. selected (Seoul Museum of  Art, Korea)


1995 Korean craft arts exhibition, selected (National museum of contemporary art, Korea)






































































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